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The mission of the Georgetown Township Fire Protection District is to provide quality fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of Georgetown Township.

October 2017 Training

The training division has once again been hard at work keeping our staff busy this past month. We have staff currently enrolled in a Fire Investigator 1 course as well as staff that has just completed the program.  This will capability will give added manpower to our Arson Investigator.  Crew trainings have been on hose advancement, fire attack, drivers training, street familiarization, search and rescue, EMS, extrication, and documentation just to name a few.

Moreover, we have begun our public education with the local schools and daycares. We teach the children about fire safety and allow them the opportunity to see us in all our gear so as not to be fearful and look at to also look at our apparatus and equipment. Our training evolutions have been built around strengthening our basic fundamentals and gaining knowledge in more complicated areas.

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