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The mission of the Georgetown Township Fire Protection District is to provide quality fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of Georgetown Township.

About Our Training

Props that we use:
Flashover Trailer Forcible Door Entry Prop
Firefighter Self Rescue Trailer(mobile) Ventilation Prop
Forcible Window Entry Prop Technical Rope Rescue Tower
Car Fire Prop Floor Failure Prop
Machinery Rescue Prop Live Burn Tower
Search & Rescue Prop Rescue Mannequin’s (4) Various Sizes
Wall Breach Prop Confined Space/Entanglement Prop
Burn Pan Extinguisher Training


Crew training is 1 hour per shift minimum
Volunteer training is 2 from 1900-2100 every Monday night (excluding holiday’s)

Observation Requests:

All observation requests must be made through the Training Division. Any person observing will be mandated to stay in an observation area.

GTFD has a proud tradition of training it’s firefighter’s to the highest level. GTFD staff train not to succeed but to never fail. Every crew member on the paid staff is required to train a minimum of 1 hour per shift and the volunteer staff must meet the requirement of 4 hours of training per month. GTFD staff train in Fire, EMS, Hazmat, and Technical Rescue just to name a few of the disciplines. We train to not only better ourselves and stay current on disciplines but to provide the best service possible.

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Do you have what it takes to be a Volunteer Firefighter?

If so then become a volunteer firefighter.  The Georgetown Township Fire Protection District is looking for motivated individuals with strong morals and integrity to join our team.