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The Georgetown Township  Fire Department has always strived to be proactive in fire services and has developed many procedures and systems.

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Remembering the past

Since 1961

In 1961, the Georgetown Township Fire Department was formed after a fire erupted in the Georgetown Methodist Church. A group of concerned citizens, utilizing the remains of that burned-out church, constructed Station 1 and purchased an oil tanker, converting it into the first fire truck. 

The original members were made up of volunteers from the community, having deep roots and rich family history in a town where nearly everyone knew everyone else, like so many other farming communities across this great nation. The members were organized in two groups. A day crew, made up of mostly firemen’s wives, would cover during the day while the men were at work. And the men would cover the overnight hours. 

Georgetown’s first Fire Chief was George Hieb who was a firefighter in Louisville. George conducted training for the firefighters on a regular basis which now numbered 25. Felton Hood served as Fire Chief from 1962 till 1964 when he was involved in a crash on State Road 64 on the way to a fire. Felton never fully recovered from his injuries and passed away in 1968. In 1975 Georgetown and Edwardsville Fire Departments merged. The Edwardsville firehouse was located at Corydon Pike and Old Georgetown Road and still stands today. In 1987 property was bought behind Georgetown Station 1 and a new firehouse was built and the old block two bay station was torn down. In 1995 a new Georgetown Station 2 was built at 5610 Corydon Ridge Rd. and became the department’s headquarters. 

The Georgetown Township Volunteer Fire Department always strived to be proactive in the fire service and developed many procedures and systems that are still in use today. The volunteer department grew over the years to meet community needs until 2006, when the membership petitioned for the creation of a fire district. With the call volume increasing and the lack of available manpower to make the daytime runs the department petitioned to create a fire district. In 2007 the Georgetown Fire Protection District was formed.

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