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The mission of the Georgetown Township Fire Protection District is to provide quality fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of Georgetown Township.

August 2014 Training Update

August 2014 Training Update
The training division has been hard at work keeping our staff busy with a multitude of different trainings. We have sent two staff members to the National Fire Academy for a Safety Officer class, sent 6 instructors to an Indiana Department of Homeland Security instructor in-service on the new Fire Engineering curriculum for Firefighter I/II, Finished a Firefighter I/II class and began a Emergency Responder class that will finish the first week of August

Moreover, we began an in-house Emergency Vehicle Operations Class that has been broke down into two parts, (a PowerPoint presentation with a written test and then a practical driving course), plus our normal crew and volunteer training. Our crew trainings and volunteer training’s have touched such subjects as: VEIS (Vent, Enter, Search), Live Fire, Search and Rescue, Hydrant operations and hook ups, Wildland fire, Pumping operations, and medical training. We also had a mutual aid training with that covering topics such as: Hydrant operations, Standpipe operations, Dump take operations, and ground monitor operations.

A Little About EMR
EMR is the new First Responder. It is the beginning level of care in EMS. They have more knowledge of medical than the average lay person and can not only assist in CPR but can also splint, C-collar, triage, place on a long spine board, and place a patient on oxygen. Their objective is to stabilize and recognize any apparent life threats so they can treat what they are certified to treat and pass along vital information for better continued care to higher levels of EMS care.


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