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The mission of the Georgetown Township Fire Protection District is to provide quality fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of Georgetown Township.

Fall Training set for National Instructors at GTFPD

This fall the Georgetown Fire Protection District will be hosting three classes from nationally recognized instructors. The classes will be taught by Task Force 1.
To register for the classes email For more information, contact Captain Jim Mayfield at 812-951-2354

Incident Commander
September 26 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM
September 27 – 28 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost: $285.00

This program takes an in depth look at what is needed to effectively manage an emergency. Using NIMS and ICS principles, students in this program will learn the importance of establishing an Incident Action Plan (IAP) that will drive the strategy and tactics on any incident. Using case studies, interactive exercises and simulations, students will gain first hand experience dealing with simple to complex incidents in a safe learning environment.

The Lead Instructor
Battalion Chief Steve Schellenberg District of Columbia Fire-EMS (ret.)
A third generation firefighter with the Washington DC FD, Steve served for over 28 years before recently retiring as a Battalion Fire Chief from the 6th Battalion. With 15 years of Engine Company experience at the ranks of private, technician and Lieutenant, five years of Truck Company experience at the ranks of Lieutenant and Captain and a year of experience in the Rescue Squad at the rank of Sergeant. He is a level II Instructor having served as an adjunct instructor to the Training Division. Steve chaired the Department’s Truck Company SOP’s committee and co- authored the PPV procedures for DCFD.

Engine Academy
Oct. 24 – 6:30 PM—10:00 PM
Oct. 25-26 8:30 AM — 4:00 PM
Cost: $285.00

Engine Academy is an aggressive, hands-on program that incorporates aggressive engine company operations, engine company officer strategy and tactics, culminating with live scenario based exercises. Our instructors share their “best practices” and “down and dirty” skills showing how they can work for your department, regardless of size or staffing.

Lead Instructor
Jarod Blake
Jarod is a veteran of the fire service since 1992. Lieutenant Blake currently is assigned to the Training Academy. He previously served in 15th Division in Brooklyn. As a firefighter he worked in Ladder 19 located in the South Bronx section. Jarod’s previous experience extends from departments in NY, MD, VA and DC. He holds a BS in Fire Science Management from University of Maryland, University College. Jarod is state fire instructor for the Maryland Fire Rescue Institute. He is a previous HOT instructor and speaker at the FDIC.

Mayday Event
November 21 6:30 PM – 10:00 PM
November 22 – 23 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Cost $285.00

What is a Mayday Event?
Learning the hands-on rapid intervention techniques and bringing a MAYDAY event to a successful conclusion are two entirely different animals! There are countless trained, properly equipped and adequately staffed rapid intervention crews around the nation who are being set up for failure without a properly trained officer who will be charged with the responsibility of managing the MAYDAY event.

RIT 1407
The goal of RIT 1407 is to provide personnel with highly disciplined operational capabilities to rescue firefighters who become lost, injured, trapped, incapacitated, or in the course of an emergency scene or training operation as part of a Rapid Intervention Team. This portion is appropriate for firefighters, current or aspiring RIT teams and company officers. Full PPE and SCBA required.

Managing the Mayday

  • Common themes in firefighter fatalities
  • Decision making on the fire ground
  • Your preparedness for MAYDAY event
  • Accountability in the chain of survival
  • The role of standard operating procedures
  • The relationship of the ICS and RIT
  • The critical steps in managing a MAYDAY
  • Experience the reality of a MAYDAY event

This portion is appropriate for Company and Chief Officers. Full PPE is required.
On the final day of MAYDAY EVENT the two programs join to have the officers from Managing the Mayday serve as command officers on the MAYDAY exercises allowing RIT 1407 students to practice their skills during a real-life MAYDAY EVENT.

The Instructors
(L) Steve Schellenberg, Battalion Chief (ret.) from the District of Columbia Fire-EMS will lead the Managing the Mayday Program. (R) Lt. Sean O’Brien, Fire Department of New York (FDNY)

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